!!! Upcoming shows: 05.05.10 Astra-Stube (Campus Open Air Bandcontest) !!!

2. May 2010 Goldfish Nation live at the Astra-Stube on May 05, 2010
This Wednesday we will be playing at the Campus Openair Bandcontest with two other bands at the Astrastube (Max-Brauer-Allee 200). Hope to see you there! Doors open at 7:00pm, starts at 8:00 pm, tickets: 3 Euros JW

2. May 2010 Goldfish Nation on Tide 96.0
In the run-up to our next concert we had an interview last Friday on Radio Tide. For those of you who missed it you can listen to it here! RL

7. November 2009 Video Day after Day is online!
Our new video is finally online! Watch it on youtube or right here on our site. Enjoy! JW

04. July 2009: New song online
We have uploaded a new song from our album "No Resolution": The Boat trip, one of the darkest songs in our repertoire. Enjoy! J.W.

18. June 2008: We're back!
After all of us have been busy studying we are getting ready for the end of the summer break. We are currently planning our next concerts and we should be playing again by September. We will be sure to post all information as soon as we have it. And this July we will be recording a music video to one of our songs. We'll keep you posted! J.W.

31. December 2008: Happy New Year!
We would like to thank all of our friends, family, those who were brought with and those who just happend to be there, who were at our concerts in 2008 or bought our Album. Thank you for all your support! 2008 was a great year for us and we hope 2009 will be even better. We're looking forward to many great gigs this comming year. The first one is on January 10th in the Pony Bar. Hope to see you there! J.W.

07.December 2008: GOLDFISH NATION unplugged on December 23rd.
Thank you to everyone who came to see us on Thursday at MarX! In the next few weeks we will be turning down the volume in preparation for our unplugged gig in the Markthalle (Kunstraum) on December 23rd. For now we will be turning off the amps, rearranging our songs, and looking for guest musicians to be able to present you with a very special evening. The unplugged concerts in the Kunstraum are very atmospheric and a great start into the Christmas holidays. Don't miss it! J.W.

22.November 2008: Special Guest at Marx (Markthalle) on November 27th!
Thank you to everyone who supported us at the R&R Warehouse. It was a lot of fun. We'll be using the next few days to get ready for our next gig at Marx, where we're going to have a special guest. Hope to see you there! J.W.

26. Oktober 2008: GOLDFISH NATION live at the Pony Bar on January 10, 2009
We're off to a good start for next year. On Saturday, January 10th, 2009 we will be playing at the Pony Bar. We will be opening the evening for the Swiss band 'Groombridge'. We will post more information here shortly. Hope to see you at our first gig in the Pony Bar! J.W.

25. Oktober 2008: New Songs and new Photos
Our gig on Novermer 11th is getting closer, and we've been busy getting ready! We've got one or two new songs for the next show and tons of new pictures which we will be putting up in the next few days. Cheers, J.W.

September 21: GOLDFISH Nation Live at R&R Warehouse on Novermber 7th, 2008
Goldfish Nation will be playing on Friday, November 7th at the R&R Warehouse in Hamburg-Altona (directions). We will be playing together with two other bands. We will post more information on time, ticket prices etc shortly. Hope to see you there! J.W.

September 21: GOLDFISH Nation Live at Marx (Markthalle) on November 27th, 2008
At the end of November we will be playing at Marx (Markthalle) together with La Fleur and Hanse Roots. We will post more information on time, ticket prices etc shortly. Looking forward to seeing you! J.W.

September 5th 2008: Thanks to everyone at Pooca last night!
We had a wonderful time at Pooca last night. Thank you to everyone who was there and for all your support! I hope those of you who bought our album "NO RESOLUTION" are enjoying it. Please feel free to comment it either in our guestbook or on our myspace page - it always helps to get feedback! So for now we will be planning our next gigs, writing new songs etc. We will keep you posted on out progress. Hope to see you again soon! J.W.

28. August 2008: Goldfish Nation live at Pooca on September 4th!
We'll be playing our next gig on Thursday, September 4th at Pooca (Hamburger Berg 12)! It a cool little club directly on Hamburger Berg. We are starting at 10 p.m. and will play for about an hour. Looking forward to seeing you there! R.L.

August 10th: No Resolution out now!
Goldfish Nation album No Resolution is now available at CD Baby. CD Baby ships world wide and the album is available as an mp3 download and as a physical CD. If you still need persuasion check out or myspace page www.myspace.com/goldfishnationmusic to listen to some of the songs. We hope you will enjoy it! R.L.

August 2nd: Thanks to everyone who came to the CD Release Party for �No Resolution�, we had a great evening with you! We would also like to thank everyone who bought a copy of our album. We welcome any feedback you may have. Feel free to write something in our guestbook or send us an email, we would like to know what you think of it. In the mean time we will be organising our next shows and working on the distribution of the album. Some time in the next few weeks the album will be available at online shops such as Amazon and iTunes. We will keep you posted! J.W.

July 19th: After over a year of working on it, our Album 'No Resolution' is finally finished and waiting to be heard. The Release-Party will be on Saturday, July 26 at 'Freundlich & Kompetent'. And for those who can't wait, you can get the CD directly from us: 12 songs, 8 page booklet and cellophane-wrapped straight from the factory for only 5 Euros! Hope to see you all on Saturday! R.L.

July 5th: GOLDFISH NATION live at Freundlich & Kompetent on Saturday July, 26th !
Our next show will be on Saturay, July 26 at Freundlich & Kompetent (Gertigstrasse 57, Hamburg-Winterhude). The gig starts at 8:00 p.m. We'll be playing for one hour and afterwards is an Open Jam Session. Hope to see you there! R.L.

July 5th: We'd like to say a big Thank you to everyone who was at the concert at Logo last night. It was a great evening. We had a wonderful time and hope you all did as well. We'll be putting up some pictures from the concert under MEDIA in the next few days. Hope to see you again soon! R.L.

June 27: Don't be fooled by the lack of recent postings on this site: we have not been idlying away our time. On the contrary, I'm happy to announce we'll be playing a show next Friday, 04.07.2008, at the LOGO, Hamburg. After months of practising and working on our repertory, we're finally hitting the stage again - with our new drummer, Andi, and some new songs. Please check LIVE for details on time, location, other bands of the night etc. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Cheers, J.W.

January 4th: Happy New Year everyone!
With news songs being written and recordings for our debut album No Resolution well on the way, we're looking forward to an active and productive year 2008 - with lots and lots of great shows, hopefully. No Resolution should be done in about a month, so look out for announcements and information on how to get hold of a copy of our fabulous first record on this website in the weeks to come. Cheers, J.W.

July 25th: GOLDFISH NATION live at the LOGO on August, 19th !
We're very pleased to announce that we'll be playing a show on August, the 19th (Sunday) at the LOGO (Grindelallee 5, Bus 4/5 get off at Staatsbibliothek, or just a short walk from Dammtorbahnhof). Swing/jazz/funk-trio Hoopla for my Moopla will be the opener, then it'll be us and, finally, the rockband Van driessen will finish off the night. Tickets are 3 euro, available directly from us. Looking forward to seeing you all on the night, JW

May 15th: We've uploaded a bunch of photos. Go to MEDIA for pics of our performance last Thursday at the Fundbureau, Hamburg. JW

April 29th: Thanks a lot to everyone who came to see our show last Thursday at the Fundbureau ! We had a great time with you people. Even though we got no more shows lined up at the moment, it's only a matter of time till we'll get on stage again. For now, we'´re working on some new songs to extend our repertoire. Keeping you posted, JW

April 23th: Only three days left ! We're apporaching the big day, our first live gig as GOLDFISH NATION on April 26th. We're very excited and most curious how people will like our music. For details on Thursday's show, go to LIVE. For those of you able to attend our concert, any sort of feedback will be very much appreciated. Please leave an entry in our guestbook or write to kontakt@goldfishnation.com. Hopefully see you on the 26th ! JW

March 19th: Finally ! We'll be playing our first show in about a month's time in a Hamburg club (go to LIVE for details). Joining us on the night will be KLIPPO, a Hamburg Indie band. We'll be presenting a bunch of new songs, besides performing the material you can download on this site (MEDIA). JW

New Year: Finally, we're back on track. Having dedicated the last few months on working on new material to extend our repertoire, it looks like we'll be ready to start performing soon (well...soonish, anyway). No matter what, even if we lose our arms and legs - 2007 will definitely see us playing gigs in Hamburg and possibly even someplace else. Show dates will be announced on our website.
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year ! JW